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How Fab?

A brand new Sorbet  store just unwrapped at the Howard Centre in Cape Town. Contact them for all your favourite treatments on 021 531 0552. 

25% off all treatments valid till end Oct. Enjoy! 

Oh goodie! Brand New Sorbet Products!

Revamped stores

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Birds of feather flock together!

Birds of feather flock together!  They fun, pretty and super trendy! Fine feather heads now available at selected Sorbet Stores. The feather hair accessories range from R35 for single clip ins to R625 for clip in extensions   Available at: Norwood Killarney The Glen East Rand Mall Sandton Dunkeld Dry Bar Bryanston Salon Greenstone Melrose   Hout bay Gardens Nails Constantia Tokai Sea point Gardens Salon Canal walk 2

Available at:

  • Norwood
  • Killarney
  • The Glen
  • East Rand Mall
  • Sandton
  • Dunkeld Dry Bar
  • Bryanston Salon
  • Greenstone
  • Melrose
  • Hout bay
  • Gardens Nails
  • Constantia
  • Tokai
  • Sea point
  • Gardens Salon
  • Canal walk 2

Are you interested in a hair-styling career at the Sorbet Drybar?

Come train with us and become a talented hair-stylist within the Sorbet Community.

Remember: You do not need to have any qualifications or experience in hair-styling or hairdressing.

For more information contact Lachelle on 011 202 7940 or lachelle@sorbet.co.za

Who says Diamonds are a girl's best friend?

Unlock the power of pearl powder with dermalogica's new range of products that blur the line between skin care and make-up.

AGEsmart® skin perfect primer spf30 combines cutting-edge professional skin care technology with a polished cosmetic effect. This two-in-one product smoothes, protects and conditions skin while correcting surface irregularities and creating a luminous finish.
Dermalogica has also revolutionised the meaning of coverage with the sheer tint spf20 and cover tint spf20. It is now possible to improve skin health while concealing surface imperfections by either adding a subtle wash of sheer color or layering it for greater and more defined coverage.

In basic terms, it's providing coverage but still protecting and nourishing the skin.

2 brand new products now available at Sorbet!


Sun worshipers looking for the ultimate tan enhancer will be happy to know that renowned international sun care brand, Bergasol, has arrived in South Africa just intime for summer, and is available exclusively at Sorbet stores across the country.
A well-known brand name with a heritage spanning more than 40 years in Europe, Bergasol is a sun care range developed specifically for sun-loving consumers who want a rapid natural, golden tan while protecting their skin at the same time. All products in the range – Bergasol Sun Milk, Aerosol, Dry Oil and Cream – comply with the revised European Colipa standard and come in both SPF 10 and SPF 20 variants that offer effective protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Bergasol products are not self-tanners but rather tanning activators that work together with the natural tanning capacity of the skin. Each product comprises a unique formulation containing a tan accelerator complex that stimulates the production of the body’s natural tanning pigments (melanin) during and after exposure. This accelerator complex helps build a rapid, even and natural tan that lasts. 
Sprayology is a homeopathic spray available in 3 categories that you spray under your tongue according to each bottle’s instructions to supplement your dietary and health related ailments including everything from Allergy-relief to Multivitamins and Menopause treatment!
You can carry it around with you in your handbag and is travel-friendly. The taste is pleasant and certainly is a better alternative if you don’t enjoy the aftertaste of taking certain vitamins and other similar medication. The sprays are safe to use for any age two years and up.
Sprayology promises not to interfere with other prescription medication and are FDA-regulated. 
Available in selected Sorbet stores

Sorbet Drybar

Even though we’re telling you about us, it’s actually all about you.

You may think we’re just another hair salon. Not quite. Modelled on a US based company Sorbet Drybar has been developed for you and your lifestyle, so we offer affordable blow-drys in a relaxed, funky environment, complete with in-salon entertainment to give you ‘that feeling’.

No cuts or colours. We’re in-and-out. Quick-quick.  It’s speed and convenience, with a big scoop of the Sorbet experience you’ve come to love and expect. You pay a flat rate of R165 per blow, no matter what type of beautiful hair you wear on your head.

Length and texture – it’s all the same to us. If you’re one of our Sorbet Society loyalty members, you can enjoy your rewards and benefits at Sorbet Drybar. So when you reach your threshold, you get free blowouts and look like a real birthday girl with 50% discounts on your special day.

There’s no reason why every day shouldn’t be special, but we agree that some events call for you looking even more fabulous. We can host groups of women for bridal showers, baby showers, teen parties and bachelorette parties. First Drybar to open in Dunkeld JHB